Knowing which essay writing services bring excellent and which to avoid can make a huge difference in someone’s academic life. With the limited budgets that students generally have, any wrong choice can be quite costly. It is not all about the financial either, as there is also the chance that they miss an assignment deadline or get a bad grade if they rely on writing services that are not worthy of trust.

At All Top Reviews, we make sure to provide information which is the best essay writing service. Our reviews are informative and unbiased, as they reflect the exact first-hand experience that we gain after placing orders the same way a regular customer would. Today we will look at 5 essay writing services that you should steer clear of.


Offering an awful experience in all aspects, the website leaves no room for us to mention any positives. The most important aspect of all services of this kind will always be writing quality, yet it is right here where this company falters the most. The paper we received was in an awful state, displaying numerous problems that ranged from poor grammar to misspelling, improper word usage and terrible composition. Customer reviews from sources unrelated to the company expressed similar experiences. Another massive problem was the inability of customer service to offer any reasonable solution, as we were told that a revision would cost extra and could take more than a week to implement. The prices are average, with new customers benefiting from a promo code. It is not faud or scam, but that is not nearly enough to make us recommend the website.


Our experience was far from marvelous here, as the paper made it quite clear that the writers used are not very skilled when it comes to the English language. The testimonials found on the website fail to reflect reality, as what you will get is writing full of grammatical errors. Prices are in the average range, with discounts being available based on the number of pages ordered. We did not find any periodic coupon codes.


The trend of writing services that employ poor writers continues on our list, as this website turned out to be yet another case of false advertising. Our paper showed the classical problems seen from those lacking experience with the English language: poor grammar, incorrect word usage, sentence structure issues and even composition problems. Customer service was less than satisfactory, as the staff was only prepared to offer generic answers and delay any kind of solutions to our requests. Even in the average price range, there are options with a much better rating from us.


While not with many obvious writing mistakes, the papers found here remain of low quality – texts are simplistic both in terms of language and ideas expressed, while the resources used are fairly basic. The college level paper we received looked more like the work of a high-schooler looking to do the bare minimum for a passing grade. Having high prices certainly doesn’t help the cause either.


The classical combination of poor grammar and incorrect word usage came to disappoint us yet again. Even looking past those, we were left with a paper built upon a foundation of elementary resources that would have certainly attracted criticism at a college level. The prices are average, but so are at other websites that come with superior services.